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python适合在什么平台运行-Python 可以在多种平台运行,

【阅读理解】College just isn’t special any more Read the passage and answer the following questions. College just isn’t special any more 1 “If you can remember anything about the 1960s, you weren’t really there,” so the saying goes. It may be true for those who spent their college years in a haze of marijuana smoke. But there is one thing everyone remembers about the 1960s: Going to college was the most exciting and stimulating experience of your life. 2 In the 1960s, California’s colleges and universities had transformed the state into the world’s seventh largest economy. However, Berkeley, the University of California’s main campus, was also well-known for its student demonstrations and strikes, and its atmosphere of political radicalism. When Ronald Reagan ran for office as governor of California in 1966, he asked if Californians would allow “a great university to be brought to its knees by a noisy, dissident minority”. The liberals replied that it was the ability to tolerate noisy, dissident minorities which made universities great. 3 On university campuses in Europe, mass socialist or communist movements gave rise to increasingly violent clashes between the establishment and the college students, with their new and passionate commitment to freedom and justice. Much of the protest was about the Vietnam War. But in France, the students of the Sorbonne in Paris managed to form an alliance with the trade unions and to launch a general strike, which ultimately brought about the resignation of President de Gaulle. 4 It wasn’t just the activism that characterized student life in the 1960s. Everywhere, going to college meant your first taste of real freedom, of late nights in the dorm or in the Junior Common Room, discussing the meaning of life. You used to have to go to college to read your first forbidden book, see your first indie film, or find someone who shared your passion for Jimi Hendrix or Lenny Bruce. It was a moment of unimaginable freedom, the most liberating in your life. 5 But where’s the passion today? What’s the matter with college? These days political, social and creative awakening seems to happen not because of college, but in spite of it. Of course, it’s true that higher education is still important. For example, in the UK, Prime Minister Blair was close to achieving his aim of getting 50 per cent of all under thirties into college by 2010 (even though a cynic would say that this was to keep them off the unemployment statistics). Yet college education is no longer a topic of great national importance. Today, college is seen as a kind of small town from which people are keen to escape. Some people drop out, but the most apathetic stay the course because it’s too much effort to leave. 6 Instead of the heady atmosphere of freedom which students in the 1960s discovered, students today are much more serious. The British Council has recently done research into the factors which help international students decide where to study. In descending order these are: quality of courses, employment prospects, affordability, personal security issues, lifestyle, and accessibility. College has become a means to an end, an opportunity to increase one’s chances on the employment market, and not an end in itself, which gives you the chance to imagine, just for a short while, that you can change the world. 7 The gap between childhood and college has shrunk, and so has the gap between college and the real world. One of the reasons may be financial. In an uncertain world, many children rely on their parents’ support much longer than they used to. Students leaving university in the 21st century simply cannot afford to set up their own home because it’s too expensive. Another possible reason is the communications revolution. Gone are the days when a son or daughter rang home once or twice a term. Today students are umbilically linked to their parents by their cell phones. And as for finding like-minded friends to share a passion for obscure literature or music, well, we have the Internet and chat rooms to help us do that. 8 “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!” 9 Wordsworth may have written these lines about the French Revolution, but they were also true for the students of the 1960s. So why aren”t they true for the students of today? (4.0分)

【单选题】我国外汇管理的主要负责机构是( )。(1.0分)

【判断题】Python 可以开发 Web 程序 , 也可以管理操作系统。 ( )


【多选题】我国人民币汇率的主要特点有( )。(2.0分)


【判断题】我们编写的 Python 代码在运行过程中 , 会被编译成二进制代码。 ( )

【判断题】Python 是开源的 , 它可以被移植到许多平台上。 ( )

【填空题】《三国演义》创造了( )( )( )三绝形象

【判断题】Python 的优点之一是具有伪代码的本质。( )


【填空题】Python 是一种面向 _ 的高级语言。

【判断题】代码 print(3,4) 是 Python 2.x 的输出格式。 ( )

【单选题】设立于M省Y市(计划单列市)的甲公司对Y市税务局做出的行政处罚决定不服申请行政复议。下列机关中,有权受理该申请的是( )。

【填空题】《三国演义》主题倾向( )

【填空题】《三国演义》主要写了( )( )( )三场战争?

【单选题】甲公司对M省N市税务局稽查局作出的具体行政行为不服,拟申请行政复议。下列各项中,符合复议管辖规定的是( )。


【多选题】根据汇率制度选择的经济论,决定一国汇率制度选择的经济因素包括( )。(2.0分)

【单选题】下列选项中 , 不属于 Python 语言特点的是 ( ) 。

【判断题】Python 3.x版本的代码完全兼容Python 2.X.( )

【填空题】Python 可以在多种平台运行, 这体现了 Python 语言的 _ 特性

【判断题】PyCharm是开发Python 的集成开发环境。 ( )

【多选题】香港采用的汇率制度是( )。(2.0分)


【单选题】下列关于 Python 的说法中 , 错误的是 ( ) 。

【简答题】这一行是重点!按照第三课时要求!交“ 第二张 ”作业!在答题区上传手机WPS制作的页面截屏!或者电脑版本的截屏、图片! 为了高质量的背景音乐! 狗 酷会员!我开通了连续包月,首月也要9块!!!!!我老公一个月的零花钱也就10块! 上头 – 跟风超人 我已经想你想你想你想到上头 你千万不能不能不能不能放手 真让人琢磨不透 难道我做的不够 从第一次的擦肩就深深被你吸引 连戒备心也似乎都变得不再机敏 不甘心这感觉就这样被我沉寂 我像发了疯般的在追寻你的痕迹 你有种魔力让我想要靠近 我虽然谨慎但好奇的要命 无法用形容词来说出你的个性 你突破我的设定像是某种特定的 迫不及待在线上等你的回应 讨论着下个规则到底由谁定 我说我们应该把彼此的关系理清 你说难道我们不是已经 嘘 就让我大胆的追 满足你所有口味 能不能勇敢面对 给你一个机会 剩下自己自己自己你去百度 啦啦啦啦啦

【多选题】建立外汇平准基金来干预外汇市场属于外汇管制中的( )。(2.0分)

【多选题】实行货币局制度的国家或地区有( )。(2.0分)

【单选题】我国取消单纯外汇收支指令性计划的时间是( )。(1.0分)

【多选题】阿根廷实行的汇率制度是( )。(2.0分)

【单选题】下列关于 Python 2.x 和 Python3.x 的说法 , 正确的是 ( )

【多选题】实行复汇率属于外汇管制中的( )。(2.0分)

【多选题】各国外汇管制的主体包括( )。(2.0分)



【判断题】Python自带的 shell, 其性能优于 IPython 。 ( )

【多选题】实行外汇管制的原因主要有( )。(2.0分)

【判断题】Python程序被解释器转换后的文件格式后缀名为.pyc.( )

【单选题】意大利实行外汇管理的机构是( )。(1.0分)



【多选题】下列领域中 , 使用 Python 可以实现的是 ( 多选 )

【判断题】Mac 系统自带 Python 开发环境。 ( )

【填空题】Python 源代码被解释器转换后的格式为_

【多选题】现行汇率制度的改革方向主要有( )。(2.0分)

【单选题】 下列关于 IPython 的说法 , 错误的是 ( )

【多选题】我国人民币汇率的主要特点有( )。(2.0分)

【填空题】Python 3.x默认使用的编码是_

【多选题】在确定目标汇率的范围或波动幅度时,须考虑的因素有( )。(2.0分)